Rainbow Rewards: 5-15 Gold, Mystery Egg, Special Egg

Rainbow Fragment Rewards: Drimy, Core Stone, Wizardry Stone

In rainbow hard, you have the chance to get drimy, evolve all earth stone, or evolve all mystic stone.

In the easy rainbow, you should try to use earth in first round, then mystic, then earth.

In the hard rainbow, earth, mystic, earth, earth.

Enemy Decks are for hard:

  • 1: Electro only
  • 2: Earth + Plant + Wind
  • 3: Electro + Plant + Mystic (3 action points)
  • 4: Water (3 action points)

Med rainbow is just a easier hard rainbow.

Drimy/giru/crabbie are good in all rounds, since drimy has sharpshooter abilities, giru is as good as a tank as you can have, and crabbie just deals always damage to the opponent (meaning it can take down even wind, and its great to take down yili in last rainbow hard round) (NOTE: Due to a recent update crabbie's ability has been changed and this advice may no longer be valid)

Possible combos:


earth+sandophorus (especially skully)