Raid Information Edit

Raids are unlocked after clearing level 49. Solo raids and gym raids each can be played up to four times per day by using raid tickets which are provided automatically (it is possible to purchase a new set of tickets with real money). Currently there are two solo raids and two gym raids. Completing a raid gives the player varying rewards depending on the difficulty level of the raid and whether the raid was a solo raid or gym raid. The primary reward for completing a raid is raid coins, which are spent in the raid shop or fusing mega legendary cards.

Solo Raids Edit

Gym Raids Edit

Raid Shop Edit

All items in the raid shop are bought using raid coins (separate from normal gold). Currently the only items available in the raid shop are soul shards. Soul shards are used to "summon" monsters into your collection. The larger a player's collection is the more useful summoning monsters becomes as the chance of getting repeat cards from packs/tournaments increases.

  • Uncommon soul shard: 125 coins. 5 of these plus 150 gold allows you to summon an uncommon monster. Note that not all monsters can be summoned (true for other rarities as well).
  • Rare soul shard: 300 coins. 5 of these plus 300 gold allows you to summon a rare monster.
  • Epic soul shard: 600 coins. 5 of these plus 500 gold allows you to summon an epic monster.
  • Legendary soul shard: 1200 coins. 5 of these plus 1000 gold allows you to summon a legendary monster.

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