Quest coins, different from gold coins, are earned by doing daily quests, completing lifetime quests, and any other quest. Most cards available in the Quest Shop is unique to the shop, and cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Carpy (30 coins)
  • N-ri (100 coins)
  • Carnivirus (100 coins)
  • Ryo stone (600 coins)
  • Sandor's stone (600 coins)
  • Gregold's stone (600 coins)
  • Mastic (600 coins)
  • Dragan (600 coins)
  • Grand sacrificial stone (2000 coins)
  • Ultra pack (2000 coins)
  • Coreon (2000 coins)
  • Shamalix (2000 coins)
  • Hyper Origin Pack (2500 coins)

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