Player Vs Player Edit

PvP is unlocked after clearing The First 19 Levels. While it is possible to participate in pvp immediately after clearing the first 19 levels of the campaign this is not recommended as winning will be extremely difficult. There are better ways (tournaments, campaign map) for newer players to build a collection.

PVP Decks Edit

To see a list of player-created blogs regarding PvP; Click to view all BLOGS. (CURRENTLY IN BETA)

  1. Manaco's Sample Blog

Types of PVP decks Edit

<TODO: add descriptions+general strategies>

  1. Quick kill decks (shamalix+zug and dragan+dravy for example)
  2. Stall decks (paby decks or most water decks for example)
  3. Power burst decks (decks such as mech w/ n-ri or the new crabbie and earth)
  4. Pressure/non-evolving decks (decks that rely very little if at all on evolving and seek to apply constant pressure on all lanes)