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Main Pages

  • GAME MECHANICS (Learn the basics of the game)
  • CARDS (General list of every card in the game, including all monsters, stones, and otherwise)
  • CAMPAIGN (General list of every campaign level detailing what deck the AI uses and what you should use)
  • EGGS/PACKS (General list of all eggs and packs)
  • QUESTS (General list of all quests and quest shop)
  • TOURNAMENTS (General list of every tournament in the game)
  • RAIDS (General list of every Raid in the game, Solo and Gym. Raid Shop details)
  • PVP (General list of do's and don'ts in PVP, including what decks to use)
  • AUCTION (General page for in-game auction house)

Miscellaneous Pages

  • GAME UPDATES (Keep up to date on game changes, new features, fixes, glitches)
  • POLLS (Check out all the polls and vote on them. You can also create your own polls)
  • LIVE CHATROOM (Chat with other players on the wiki)


External Links

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