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Level 20 - 49 Edit

PvP and Tournaments are unlocked at this point.

Level Type Enemy Suggested Notes
20 Timed Level Wind Electric
21 Survive Level Plant Fire Fire Water
22 Timed Level Electric Wind Earth Electric
23 Timed Level Fire Water
24 Timed Level Fire Water Water Plant
25 Defeat Level Fire Water Plant Water Plant Fire
26 Timed Level Water Plant Plant Fire
27 Defeat Level Earth Dragon Wind Mystic
28 Survive Level Earth Wind
29 Timed Level Dragon Fire Mystic Water
30 Badge Level Water Plant 
31 Timed Level Wind Fire Dragon Electric Water Mystic
32 Timed Level Plant Fire
33 Timed Level Water Fire Plant Water
34 Timed Level Mystic Mech
35 Timed Level Fire Water
36 Timed Level Wind Electric Electric Earth
37 Survive Level Dragon Earth Mystic Wind
38 Survive Level Dragon Wind Fire Mystic Electric Water
39 Timed Level Wind Electric
40 Defeat Level Earth Wind
41 Timed Level Dragon Fire Air Mystic Water
42 Survive Level Water Fire Plant Plant Water Fire use Paby + Monwid + Vultor for healing
43 Defeat Level Wind Electric
44 Defeat Level Dragon Fire Mystic Water
45 Badge Level Mystic Mech
46 Timed Level Wind Electric
47 Timed Level Earth Dragon Wind Mystic
48 Timed Level Fire Dragon Water Mystic
49 Defeat Level Dragon Wind Fire Mystic Electric Water

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