AI deck (need to see if anchie, drah, and wich are x2): anchie, cubix, darkwid, drah, evolon, garadion(x2), mimi(x2), pigly(x2), rire(x2), wichin, zephyr, evolution stone, magic stone, seed stone

On expert uses the one stone and darkvoo in place of darkwid

Ability = Life Anguish: At the end of the turn deals 6 damage to the enemy trainer.

Player health/ai starting health:

Easy = ?/12000

Medium = ?/16000

Hard = ?/21000

Expert = ?/26000


Easy =

Medium =

Hard =

Expert =

Recommended strategies: When attempting the grand safari raid, the player faces two main challenges. The first is the constant drain on health due to life anguish, so protecting is important if the player is to survive to the final round. The second is that the ai loves to play wichin or drah, both of which totally destroy big damaging creatures. While the player's options are limited by the cards at his/her disposal, following are some sample strategies:

Pure earth: The key to using an earth strategy depends on having a couple of key cards. Drilly is vital as it allows the player to play koar and coreon and is essentially a free creature which can cover a lane. Crabbie shells the players monsters so that drah/wichin are less effective and also will lead to open lanes since the ai will place creatures in front of shelled monsters, which will then die. Core stone will allow the player to evolve multiple creatures at once which is very likely due to crabbie shelling them, and being an evolver triceroc is just good to have in the deck. The one stone lets the player boost the damage of all his creatures and is very effective since the player will often have 3 creatures on the field. Drilly, koar, crabbie, core stone, and triceroc are the key cards (koar can do insane amounts of damage), but the ideal earth deck would be similar to the following:

1 shukat, 1 coreon, 1 shellu, 2 drilly, 2 koar, 2 crabbie, 2 triceroc, 2 stroc, 2 castory, 2 sandophorus, 2 core stone, 1 the one stone

Big creatures + seally: The general idea with this strategy is to evolve big creatures such as dravlimir or volthor and use seally to limit ai plays (an unblockable creature won't kill an ai creature), do extra damage, and keep lanes open (the unblocked creature kills whatever is put in front of it). Ideally seally is used on a large creature though it can target itself if the situation warrants. There are many ways to build around this strategy, following is an example deck:

1 water emblem, 2 seally, 1 shamalix, 1 electric emblem, 2 eelix, 2 zug, 2 moox, 1 batix, 1 zardi, 1 dragon emblem, 1 evolon, 2 dravy, 2 dragan, 1 evolution stone

High damage lower rarity + evolver (ideal for those with limited collections):